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Darling the Orangutan Lives in New York. She is one of my all times favorites. I remember the customer had sent her driver over to pick up the sculpture and drive it to New York. A very sad man walked up to me slowly and said is a very tired voice, “You have a monkey for me?” …..   he didn’t know it wasn’t going to me a real Orangutan….  I think he’s has some surprise adventures working for his employer.

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This wonderful shot of my pelican was in the Paradise news paper, I still have a copy. Unfortunately the customer put it on a sea wall and it rusted away (he knew it would not last there) it took 9 years before I learned to work in stainless steel and made him a permanent replacement. May number two last for 100 years.



I have had wonderful luck with my pig sculptures. I once tried to sell one to a gallery owner on the sidewalk outside her gallery. She did not make the sale. But a driver who saw me with the pig made a U turn and asked the gallery to track me down so they could buy the pig. (The gallery couldn’t find me) 5 years later I found the best apartment ever for rent…. I made myself as dressed up as possible and humbly approached the land lord, hoping to make a good impression. Somehow the land lord saw my cart which I tow behind my bike. and was put two and two together…. “Do you make wire pigs?” she said “DO YOU MAKE WIRE PIGS?”… it was the driver who couldn’t track me down all those years ago. I’ve lived here ever since and Patty has gotten many wire pigs.

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This was a fun project many years ago, this farm does agility training for corgi’s the farms name makes me think he is trained as an engineer like I was! here it is on Google Street View .